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A greenville sc commercial cleaning service, janitorial technician, cleaner, porter or custodian is someone who cleans and maintains private buildings including schools, hospitals, and other residential rental property. The duties and responsibilities of a janitor vary according to the size of the establishment and the type of establishment. Most janitors are college students who are employed part-time. A few full-time janitors are also employed in large establishments. Janitorial services are most often required in large companies with many employees. Janitorial staffs are usually responsible for cleaning the entire building or area.

The responsibilities of a janitorial service vary according to the size and type of establishment. Most janitorial services provide general cleaning functions such as dusting and vacuuming. Some also provide specialty tasks such as removing garbage, mopping floors, dusting furniture, and emptying trash bins. Janitors must plan their work schedule around the specific tasks they are assigned to perform. Cleaning and vacuuming tasks may not be performed during normal working hours.

A janitorial service cleans the premises on a contractual basis. This means that the janitor is hired based on availability and can be called in at any time. The contract usually states that the cleaning will take place during business hours and that the price includes cleaning materials and labor. Contractors usually begin cleaning the workplace by sweeping and mopping the floor and installing trash compactors. Once the workspace has been cleaned, the contractor and employee sign a contract and hire a start date for the next work day. Follow this URL for more info on janitorial services.

Most janitorial staffs are trained by spending a few days observing a cleaning staff member's normal duties. After this training, they are hired on an hourly basis by the cleaning company. There are some companies that hire cleaning staff members on a daily basis. For large office buildings, the entire building may need to be cleaned at one time. When a residential office space needs to be cleaned, all employees are usually hired to perform all of the cleaning duties.

Cleaners are not allowed to perform their regular duties during non-business hours. When non-business hours begin, janitorial cleaners must complete their scheduled tasks. Otherwise, they are not paid. Some janitorial services require employees to make time for clients' requests for cleaning before they are due to arrive; however, there are also companies that allow cleaning to be done at the customer's request.

Some services include more than one janitorial cleaner on staff. If there is a need for additional help, additional charges are applied. Other services include weekly cleaning and trash removal services. Weekly cleaning entails sweeping and mopping the areas that are swept each week; however, trash removal is not included in this service. Other services include cleaning and vacuuming floors, cleaning windows, cleaning countertops, and removing snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lots. Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janitor.

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